An interior design project implies decorating and equipping a house, office or commercial office, driven by professional expertise, on the basis of the client’s needs and therefore creating spaces that ultimately embody his essence.

It is not about imposing a personal ethos. Rather, our challenge lies in bringing the client’s needs to fruition, customizing the environments accordingly to his prospects –both in what concerns esthetics and comfort– and make an overall positive experience out of the process.

We arrange a series of meetings in order to understand the client’s needs, ideas and possibilities of execution, and then present different projects, until finding the one that the client feels comfortable with. We then prepare a render so as to preview the final result.

Once the project is well defined, we start its execution and take care of each stage throughout the whole process: reusing stuff, repairing or buying whatever is necessary, hiring suppliers, staying within budget, handling logistics, installing and positioning the equipment and looking out for every detail in order to achieve a flawless result

Our years of experience developing interior design projects; our constant pursue of the latest tendencies, materials and equipment, added to a long-standing relation with the best suppliers on the market, are the assets which we count on in order to make your design project everything you ever imagined.

Studio Nef. Architecture / Interior design

Architecture, Design, Sustainability
These are the three pillars we consider essential for the development of our projects.
We work with a creative, dynamic and willed team.
We intend for each of our clients’ projects to be a vital, bold and affordable experience.

Nicolás Méndez – Architect
Ema Rubio – Sustainable architecture
Opi Rubio – Interior design


I offer an agile, refreshing and affordable counselling that suits your needs.

We transform the spaces of your preference, by conveniently and creatively reusing your furniture and decorative items, and in just a while we manage to redefine them in a modern and agile way.

At last, we will send you a “report” of what we previously accorded via email.

Ideal for your spaces or office

    By Opi Rubio

    Designing for you…


It is well known that moving is one of the most stressful things.

We offer you help in a shrewd, practical, quick and affordable way!

We look over your furniture, taking into account the one you would like to keep, and arrange them in the best possible way in your new house / department / office.

We create a floor plan of your new space, showing the dimensions and furniture arranged.

This way, when the moving day arrives, you already know where and how everything should go, avoiding stressful moments, and assuring that everything ends up looking perfect.

EASYMOVING, a clever, modern and efficient way to carry off a move-out.

     By Opi Rubio